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Best Recreational Cannabis Dispensary with finest craft cannabis products.

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The Benefits of Cannabis without the high

How is this possible?

Hemp and Blossom dispensary are both forms of cannabis

Cannabis with low THC is called hemp

Cannabis with low THC is called hemp

Cannabis rich in THC is Blossom dispensary

Both have many health-promoting compounds

Both have many health-promoting compounds


Some of the types of products offered by our store

Blossom Dispensary

Jersey City's premier recreational cannabis dispensary.

To provide our guests high quality cannabis in a welcoming environment with empathy, education and an unparalleled experience.

Who are we

What is our mission?

Our mission is to bring our customers quality products, at the lowest price with the best service in the industry. That is why we are premier recreational dispensary! We offer our clients a user-friendly platform with exceptional customer service.

Why choose us

How are we the best?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, there is nothing more exciting to us than a repeat customer. With our price match policy along with guaranteed Xpresspost delivery, we have been regarded as one of the most trusted online blossom dispensaries. For more information please look at our F.A.Q. page for answers to common questions.

Our Story

Bloom Dispensary, a 100% minority and women-owned bussiness, a pround to call Jersey City home. We focus on sharing our expereince and knowlege about cannabis is safe and comfortable environment.

Our passion for cannabis organites from physical, mental and spiritual benefits it has provide to people worlwide. Cannabis has inspired arts, music, and culture for generations.

The medicial properties of this mystial plant has been know millennia. Our education-focused approach centers on the safe and responsible us of cannabis

What our customer are seying

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