Must be 21+ years old to use our products All-Day Deals: Don't Miss Out.
Must be 21+ years old to use our products All-Day Deals: Don't Miss Out.
Must be 21+ years old to use our products All-Day Deals: Don't Miss Out.
Must be 21+ years old to use our products All-Day Deals: Don't Miss Out.
Must be 21+ years old to use our products All-Day Deals: Don't Miss Out.
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The Essence of 7/10 Oil Day: Origins, Festivities, and Safety Precaution

The Essence of 710 Oil Day Origins, Festivities, and Safety Precaution

The cannabis community is no stranger to special days that celebrate the various aspects of cannabis culture. Among these, 7/10 Oil Day has emerged as a holiday that specifically honors cannabis concentrates and the art of oil consumption. But what’s the significance of the 10th of July, and how do enthusiasts celebrate this unique festival? Let’s delve into the origins, the festivities, and the essential safety tips for a jubilant and safe 7/10 Oil Day.

Why July 10th?

The date July 10th, or 7/10 when written in month/day format, was chosen for Oil Day because when you flip the number 710 upside down, it spells ‘OIL’. This wordplay is similar to the way April 20th (4/20) became synonymous with cannabis in general. Oil Day is a newer addition to the cannabis lexology, but it has quickly gained popularity among enthusiasts of cannabis concentrates.

The Rise of Concentrates

The origins of 7/10 Oil Day are also rooted in the rising popularity of cannabis concentrates. As the cannabis industry evolved, so did the methods of consumption. Concentrates offer a potent and often cleaner alternative to traditional flower smoking. They include various forms, such as wax, shatter, and resin, among others. As the market for these products grew, a dedicated day to celebrate them seemed only fitting.

Celebrating 7/10 Oil Day

Oil Day is celebrated with as much enthusiasm and creativity as any other cannabis-related holiday. Here are some of the ways cannabis enthusiasts honor this special day.

  • Community Gatherings
    In states and countries where cannabis is legal, you might find events and gatherings organized by local dispensaries and cannabis clubs. These can include dabbing competitions, workshops on how to make and consume concentrates, and educational talks about the benefits and effects of different types of concentrates.
  • Special Deals and Releases
    Many dispensaries offer deals and discounts on concentrates and related paraphernalia. Additionally, some brands might release special limited-edition products or new flavors of concentrates to mark the occasion.
  • Personal Celebrations
    For those who prefer a more personal celebration, 7/10 Oil Day can be a time to explore new concentrates or to perfect the art of dabbing at home. Some enthusiasts take the opportunity to share their experiences and favorite products on social media, contributing to a larger online community celebration.

Safety Tips for Oil Day

While celebrating 7/10 Oil Day can be a fun and joyous occasion, safety should always be a top priority. Here are some tips to ensure a safe experience when handling and consuming cannabis concentrates.

  1. Understanding Potency
    Concentrates are significantly more potent than traditional flowers. It’s important to be aware of the strength of the product and start with a smaller amount, especially if you are new to concentrate.
  2. Proper Equipment
    Using the right tools is essential for safe consumption. Ensure that your dab rig, torch, and other equipment are in good working condition. Only use products that are designed specifically for concentrate consumption.
  3. Avoiding Home Extractions
    Home extractions can be dangerous and are discouraged. The process often involves flammable solvents and can lead to accidents if not done correctly. It’s best to leave the extraction process to the professionals and purchase your concentrates from reputable sources.
  4. Staying Hydrated
    Dabbing can lead to a higher body temperature and dry mouth. Keep water nearby and stay hydrated throughout your Oil Day celebrations.
  5. Knowing Your Limits
    Just like with alcohol, it’s important to consume responsibly and know your limits. If you feel uncomfortable or unwell, take a break and seek help if necessary.

The Future of 7/10 Oil Day

As legalization continues to spread and the cannabis industry grows, we can expect 7/10 Oil Day to become even more mainstream. With increased knowledge and acceptance, the day may evolve to include larger-scale events and even more innovative ways to celebrate the diverse world of cannabis concentrates.

Legalization and Accessibility

With more states and countries legalizing cannabis, access to concentrates will continue to increase. This could lead to more widespread acknowledgment and celebration of Oil Day across different regions.

Innovation in Concentrates

The continuous innovation in the cannabis market means that new types of concentrates and consumption methods will likely emerge. Oil Day could become a platform to showcase these advancements and educate the public on the evolving landscape of cannabis consumption.

Focus on Education

As the holiday matures, there may be a greater emphasis on education around concentrates, including their medicinal benefits, how they are made, and the best practices for consumption. This knowledge sharing can help de-stigmatize concentrates and promote responsible use.


7/10 Oil Day is a testament to the ingenuity and passion of the cannabis community. It highlights the advancements in cannabis consumption and the appreciation for the concentrated forms of this versatile plant. Whether you’re a seasoned dabber or curious about concentrates, Oil Day offers an opportunity to join in a global celebration of cannabis culture.

Remember to celebrate responsibly and with consideration for local laws and regulations. Embrace the day with an open mind, a focus on safety, and a heart full of camaraderie. If you’re considering incorporating CBD into your routine, Blossom Dispensary in Jersey City offers high-quality cannabis products, featuring terpene ingredients for enhanced flavors and effects, providing a superior and enjoyable experience for all customers.

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